AO3 Podfic Posting Helper


Browser extension to import metadata when creating a new work

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This is the home for a browser extension which streamlines your workflow for creating a new Podfic on Archive of Our Own by importing metadata, such as tags and rating, into the new work form.

This is an unofficial extension and not supported by AO3. Please do not raise issues with this extension to AO3 support.

Extension demo


Filling in the New Work form

  1. Navigate to the New Work form
  2. Click the extension icon
  3. Set the “URL of work to import from” field to the URL of the work you are importing from
  4. Click “Import”
  5. Fields will be filled in the New Work form with the information from the work you selected

Advanced options

This extensions supports using a custom template for the title, summary, and work fields of the New Work form.

You do not need to set a custom template, but if you wish to do so you can do so by doing the following:

  1. Click the extension icon
  2. Click the “gear” in the top right
  3. On the options page set the template for each field
  4. Click the “Save” button on each template
  5. If you set a template for the title or summary be sure to select “Custom” from the corresponding drop-down when importing



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